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Marcel Kempf - CPT, CES, CMT, HMS, Rolfer

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"Your Body is your most valuable asset"



Marcel Kempf

My name is Marcel and I'm a personal trainer and manual therapist. I'm certified as a corrective exercise and movement specialist. As an athlete competing in extreme events, I learned how to train in a holistic way to stay injury free while preparing my body to its full potential. To refine your body to its most dynamic and functional potential means leave no muscle out of the equation. 


At MK Dynamic Performance the motto is "Your Body is Your Most Valuable Asset". Treating the body with a training session will provide great benefits for the short and long term. If you want to get rid of the nagging back pain, reveal your six pack or just want a healthy functional body I can help you on your journey.

Marcel helps people who suffer from years of chronic pain and movement restrictions. 






His clients come from all walks of life ranging from CEO’s and home-makers to dads and weekend warriors



" Marcel helped me with my posture imbalance!" 


July 3, 2019

"Marcel helped me on how to pick up my running again, which I'd been doing all my life. After the pregnancies running felt simply terrible and exhausting, giving me a lot of pain and strain. I'm able to run completely at ease now and even dare to think about the next marathon."


March 17, 2020

"He delivers as promised and helped me get to the race in great shape."


September 15,2019

Marcel Kempf

Personal  Tranier

94301 Palo Alto 

Tel: 650 542 9121



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